I have always viewed the original purpose of Nightsweats & T-cells, the vision of Paul Monette, Victor Brown, Honey and myself (Michael) to be the most moving. That purpose is to put strong messages about AIDS on garments that people would wear. These messages could not be ignored. If I were standing in line at the grocery store and you were standing next to me you could no longer choose to ignore the death of all those whom I had lost. I am by nature a quiet person. This purpose has given me a voice, a powerful voice!

one of the four founding members of Nightsweats & T-cells. Michael is the production manager of the screenprinting facility in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also a prolific designer. Michael is a longterm survivor of HIV/AIDS.

started his career in the garment industry as a buyer for the San Francisco "Saks Fifth Avenue". He then moved on to the gay cultural icon during the 1970's - 1980's "The All American Boy" stores. Gordy was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in December of 1984.

gil kudrin:
Gil has spent nearly 20 years working closely with non-profit fundraising and design. Local, state and federal programs have all called on Gil for his background in campaigns that work from print design to on air advertising. With a strong belief in social responsibility, Gil brings our clients closer to their customers.